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I am a first-year graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I work with Dr. Joseph Williams as a part of the Adaptint research group at the DGP lab. My research agenda is to power user interfaces with a unifying adaptive experiment engine and use artificial intelligence to personalize interventions to help people.

XPrize Digital Learning Challenge

We create tools that empower instructors and researchers to improve and personalize real-world courses using adaptive experimentation. We are the winner team of this $1M XPrize Digital Learning Challenge.

Voice Reflection System

This reflection system renovated how students do their reflections on course concepts and knowledge and used NLP techniques to increase the efficiency and consistency of validation. This system was deployed at a 300-level databases course at the University of Toronto.

Get UofT Access

A Chrome extension that automatically redirects webpage to with one click. Save your time! It may take 5 seconds to 10 seconds to copy and paste in the address bar, but now it is just one click. This tool benefits 65+ researchers.

Face-Control Snake Game

Applied a TensorFlow model called PoseNet to detect the player’s position in real-time, so that the player can move their face to control the snake.