Pan Chen

Publications / Presentations

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Gave a talk: Investigating Data Features for Reproducibility of Robust Educational Data Models at the Data Science Institute.


Ye, R., Chen, P., Mao, Y., Wang, A., Shaikh, H. & Zavaleta Bernuy, A. (2022, August). Behavioral Consequences of Reminder Emails on Students’ Academic Performance: a Real-world Deployment. The 23rd ACM Annual Conference on Information Technology Education (Best Paper)


Han, Z., Gorobets, E., & Chen, P. (2022, June). Parameter efficient dendritic-tree neurons outperform perceptrons. ICML Workshop on Dynamic Neural Networks


Chen, P., Sibia, N., Zavaleta Bernuy, A., & Liut, M. Investigating the Impact of Voice Response Options in Surveys. The 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education.


Saxena, N., Chen, P., & Liu, E. (2021, June). Statistical Consequences of Dueling Bandits. RL4ED – EDM’21 Workshop on Reinforcement Learning for Education.


Presented the livability of Toronto for newcomers in Toronto Data Workshop


2022 –

Ph.D. student in Computer Science, University of Toronto 🇨🇦

  • Supervisor: Joseph Jay Williams
2018 – 2022

Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto 🇨🇦

  • Specialist (advanced major) in Computer Science
  • Major in Statistics
  • Minor in Mathematics



Winter 2023

STA238: Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis II

  • Supervisor: Selvakkadunko Selvaratnam
Fall 2022, Winter 2023

CSC343: Introduction to Databases, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: Diane Horton, Jacqueline Smith
  • Grade exams and assignments and host office hours.
Winter 2022, Winter 2023

CSC343: Introduction to Databases, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: Michael Liut
  • Co-host weekly tutorials where I walk through the course materials with the students
Winter 2022

CSC165: Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: François Pitt
  • Co-manage the worksheet sessions with the professor and the other teaching assistant. I answer students’ questions and help them solidify their understanding of logical notation and reasoning
Fall 2021

CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisor: Andrew Petersen, Michael Liut
  • Co-hosted weekly tutorials with two other TAs which we alternatively played the role of the “Instructor”. When I was not the “Instructor”, I answered students’ questions in the breakout room
Fall 2021

CSC207: Software Design, University of Toronto, Teaching Assistant

  • Supervisors: Paul Gries, Jonathan Calver, Lindsey Shorser
  • Hosted weekly tutorials where I supervised students’ object-oriented projects, other duties included project and exercise gradings

Research and Industrial Experience

2021 –

Programmer, Regulatory and Affective Dynamics Lab

  • Collaborated with the development of an application using React, Express, and MongoDB that trains people mental health skills by introducing intervention sessions
2020 –

Research Assistant, Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Lab

  • Supervisor: Joseph Jay Williams
  • Collaborated with a homework reminder system deployed in a CS1 course with over 1000 students, writing scripts in Python for deployment and analysis
  • Undergraduate lead for a stress management project. Developed RESTful APIs with NodeJS and MongoDB
  • Lead the lab website redesign team
  • Host the mentoring sessions
2020 – 2021

Software Developer, Infrastructures for Information

  • Core developer for a tool in Java that boosts productivity when working on multiple labelling documents
2020 – 2021

Software Developer, TradeRev

  • NodeJS developer
  • Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

External Collaborator, The Hospital for Sick Children

  • Collaborated with the development of a platform where patients can have the sound of urine recorded in the mobile app of this platform, using Native React

Recent Projects

Voice Reflection System | JavaScript, React, MongoDB

Students’ Ability Predictor | Python, PyTorch, Pandas, scikit-learn, Backpropagation

Livability of Toronto | Python (Pandas), R

Resume Management System | HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP (Laravel), MySQL, MVC

Face-Control Snake Game | HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PoseNet

Get UofT Access | JavaScript