Pan Chen’s publications and preprints

Abstracts & Posters

P Chen, N Sibia, A Zavaleta Bernuy, M Liut, JJ Williams. Investigating the Impact of Voice Response Options in Surveys. The 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education.

Conference Papers

R Ye, P Chen, Y Mao, A Wang, H Shaikh, A Zavaleta Bernuy, & JJ Williams. (2022, August). Behavioral Consequences of Reminder Emails on Students’ Academic Performance: a Real-world Deployment. The 23rd ACM Annual Conference on Information Technology Education (Best Paper). Related Poster: Behavioral consequences of reminder emails on students’ performances for homework: a real-world deployment. UofT Undergraduate Poster Fair.

Workshop Papers

Z Han, E Gorobets, P Chen. (2022, June). Parameter efficient dendritic-tree neurons outperform perceptrons. ICML Workshop on Dynamic Neural Networks

N Saxena, P Chen, E Liu. (2021, June). Statistical Consequences of Dueling Bandits. RL4ED – EDM’21 Workshop on Reinforcement Learning for Education.

Under Review & Preprints

I Musabirov, A Zavaleta Bernuy, P Chen, M Liut and JJ Williams. Opportunities for Adaptive Experiments to Enable Continuous Improvement That Trades-off Instructor and Researcher Incentives (SIGCSE TS 2024)

A Bhattacharjee, P Chen, A Mandal, L Zhou, J, Aggarwal, K O’Leary, A Mariakakis, JJ Williams. Exploring User Perspectives on Brief Reflective Questioning Activities for Stress Management: Mixed-Methods Study


Adaptive experimentations: barriers and solutions (Paper for the AIE Platform, planning to submit to CSCW 2023, Collaboration is welcomed.)