Tag: JavaScript

  • Personal Website Update: Hover Panel

    I was doing a refurbishment for my personal website right here. The idea came from Felix Wong. In the hover panel, first thing first, there is the area for the menu. Below the menu, there is a search bar. Under the search bar, there is an area for widgets. In the end, there is the…

  • You Can Now Use Your Face to Play the Classical Snake Game

    Did you use to be addicted to Snake? Now, with the help of a TensorFlow model called PoseNet, you can get a totally different experience with this classical game. That’s because: You can now use your face to control the snake! Have a try here: https://projects.chenpan.xyz/snake/ Demo Acknowledgements:

  • Personal Website

    So far, there have been four versions of my personal website. HTML+CSS+JavaScript (Version 1) At the very beginning, my personal website was HTML+CSS+JavaScript, with no backend, just frontend. Even though it could be hosted in GitHub pages, I still hosted it on a server. Link: Pan Chen’s Website (first version) HTML+CSS+JavaScript+PHP+MySQL (Version 2) I brought…