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  • Received my second Moderna dose today

    Today at 2:23 PM, I received my second Moderna dose. My second dose had been scheduled for August 29, but thanks to the vaccination acceleration, I managed to reschedule it early this week, and finally got it this afternoon. So far, I am feeling normal, which is similar to the first dose. But maybe in…

  • Received my first COVID-19 dose on May 9

    Going to receive my first COVID-19 dose tomorrow. I recovered 100% about two days after the shot. I will have my second does in late August. Almost four months hope that as more vaccine doses are coming, the appointment could be advanced. By the way, the vaccine I received was Moderna. I preferred Pfizer actually,…

  • Booked my vaccine appointment

    Booked my vaccine appointment today. I will be vaccinated next Sunday.